Voices: River City
Voices: River City, Episode 22:

Voices: River City, Episode 22:

September 20, 2018

The podcast continues to grow in new directions, this time bringing another produced episode on beloved local music mainstay NorCal Noisefest, now entering its 22 iteration. Luis Gael Jimenez and Jennah Booth return to make this one happen, with Luis taking over the mic for narration. Enjoy the noise.

All music comes from recordings at various NoiseFest events. The intro track is from a live recording of Depressive in 2016. The transition track is from a live recording of Instagon in 2017. The outro track is from a live recording of Ustam in 2017. To hear more, check out NorCal NoiseFest's Bandcamp: https://norcalnoisefest.bandcamp.com

Voices: River City, Episode 21: Say Hello

Voices: River City, Episode 21: Say Hello

August 22, 2018

Journalists Jennah Booth and Luis Gael Jimenez set out to talk with folks organizing the occupation outside downtown Sacramento's ICE headquarters in a specially produced segment. Plus, sex educator supreme and incredible human being Kenna Cook returns to teach us how to slide into those DMs without being a jerk about it. As usual, host Anthony Siino just gets in the way.

Music provided by the incomparable Sparks Across Darkness, who recently released a new album, Obscura, from which all tunes shared on this episode derive. Check out his work at
https://soundcloud.com/sparksacrossdarkness and keep your eyes peeled for updates on shows and new music at www.facebook.com/sparksacrossdarkness.

(Don't forget to support local artists – time, money, sharing their stuff on social media – anything and everything makes a difference.)

Keep up with Occupy ICE at: www.facebook.com/OccupyICESacto; https://twitter.com/OccupyICEsacto

Find previous episodes of the podcast as well as Kenna's column and breaking news, opinion and more at voicesrivercity.com.

Yell at Anthony on Twitter at @AnthonySiino.

Voices: River City, Episode 20: For Us, By Us

Voices: River City, Episode 20: For Us, By Us

August 6, 2018

This episode's all about folks taking what they have and providing for their neighbors, making spaces, creating opportunities and fighting to build something together. We start with Rachel Freund and Buddy Hale, co-founders of Musiclandria, talking about how it came to be that they're now three years deep into operating a community music library, providing not only instruments and accessories but also recording devices, access to recording and practice spaces and even workshops on how to start making music of your own. They're extremely charming folks -- so charming, in fact, that you'll forgive Anthony's boneheaded questions.

PLUS: V:RC founder and editor Dave Kempa joins in to talk about the Occupy ICE camp that's taking direct action straight to ICE's local headquarters. Dave shares his observations on the cooperation between Sacramento police and ICE agents, including some details that other local media hasn't quite gotten around to yet.

And we've got even more: Separate Spines, an incredible local band that just happens to include Buddy and Rachel, shares their music with us! Not just straight tracks, though. They made the intro and transition tunes specifically for this episode, which is incredible and amazingly generous, if you ask Anthony. They also end the episode with a previously unreleased song aptly named for current events: Ashes.

Check out Musiclandria here so you can start that trap/swing revival project you've been thinking about: http://musiclandria.com/

Go listen to (and purchase!) Separate Spines' music here: https://separatespines.bandcamp.com/


A note from your host: This podcast is produced sporadically and completely out of order, in pieces wherever I can jam interviews into my poorly planned schedule. Certain pieces of this episode might seem uncertain in relation to things that are pretty obvious in other parts of the episode. Apologies for any layers of confusion this may add as you listen. Thank you for your patience and your support, and enjoy the episode!

Voices: River City, Episode 19: Of General Interest

Voices: River City, Episode 19: Of General Interest

July 16, 2018

The title's a pun, folks. A pun on the fact that we talk about a lot of things and also on the fact that we're talking to Phillip Kim, who has progressed from the primary to the general election for District 4 of the California State Senate. You may remember that we talked to him a while back about his work in health justice. Now he's running against the Republican incumbent Jim Nielsen, carrying a progressive platform into the center stage. Plus, he performs a few songs for us as part of Red Hearts Bleed, the best band to have ever performed in the V:RC studios. (Also the only. Don't blame them for Anthony's garbage skills in sound engineering.)

Before that, though, V:RC founder Dave Kempa returns to discuss the fiasco around the heinous racism of the publisher of the East Bay Express and the plague of shitty publishers on community media.

All that and more. I'd be more specific but I'm very tired right now. 

If you'd like to know more about Phil's campaign and/or get involved, check these links: https://tinyurl.com/PhilForSenate;

And to check out his band, Red Hearts Bleed, head here: http://redheartsbleed.com

Voices: River City, Episode 18: Despair

Voices: River City, Episode 18: Despair

July 2, 2018

This episode's different. Host Anthony got beat down by everything and failed to get any interviews or new music. Instead of the norms, Anthony digs into the nightmare of living in such a deeply unjust country and what it takes to get beyond the darkness that chokes us all.

As always, if you see ICE in your neighborhood, call the Sacramento Immigration Coalition's Migra Watch hotline at 916-245-6773.

Voices: River City, Episode 17: Too damn high

Voices: River City, Episode 17: Too damn high

June 18, 2018

We're back. Don't ask why we were away. Your host, Anthony Siino, awakens from his slumber to share more interviews, this time on the topics of rent control in Sacramento, Sac Pride, the weird things teens are putting in their pee holes and more. Plus, Modern Man shares their debut album. It's bewildering stuff, so, uh, be ready for that.

If you're interested in learning more about efforts for rent control in Sacramento, check out www.housing4sacramento.org and www.sacdsa.org. You can also follow Jonah Paul at @JonahPaul_.

Kenna Cook, our wonderful pansexual princess, can be found on Twitter at @mamacookling, and her writing can be found at (where else?) voicesrivercity.com.

You might notice on this episode that Anthony refers to the site as "VOICES:-River-City-dot-org." He is wrong. And if he doesn't yet regret the error, he will soon.

Finally, go buy the dang Modern Man record. It is very good, just like the band itself.

Voices: River City - Return Promo

Voices: River City - Return Promo

June 8, 2018

Resident smart-ass editor/journalist/podcast host Anthony Siino returns TUESDAY, JUNE 19.


So mark your calendars.

Voices: River City, Episode 16: No bad women

Voices: River City, Episode 16: No bad women

April 16, 2018

In this special extra episode, host Anthony Siino heads to the state Capitol to cover a protest against Senate Bill 1204 and SESTA-FOSTA, two bills that have sex workers making their voices heard. This is being published now, today, Monday, April 16, so that those interested in attending a hearing on SB1204 tomorrow morning, Tuesday, April 17, can be made aware and informed of the stakes at hand.

If you're interested in attending the hearing, more information on the 8:30 a.m. meeting can be found here: http://spsf.senate.ca.gov/agenda.

If you're interested in reaching out to senators about the bill, a type form can be found here: https://sb1204.typeform.com/to/gTErBn

For more information on the US Prostitutes Collective, visit https://uspros.net.

For more information on the Sex Worker Outreach Program, visit https://sacramentoswop.com.

Voices: River City, Episode 15: Not as serious as it sounds

Voices: River City, Episode 15: Not as serious as it sounds

April 15, 2018

Worlds collide as host Anthony Siino chats with Johnny Flores, host of Serious Talk. Seriously., (probably) the longest-running Sacramento podcast dedicated to conversations with whomever Johnny wants to talk to. The fact that Johnny had Anthony on the show back in 2015 has absolutely nothing to do with what's going on here.

Music this week comes from the amazing Destroy Boys, a band that came up from this city's all-ages scene (protect Cafe Colonial at all costs, by the way) and recently played their first headlining set at the Gilman! If you don't know the Gilman, just know that it's cool. They very recently released a wonderful EP, "Crybaby/Vixen," which is heard on this episode and can be found on many streaming services. (Give it a click here.)

Voices: River City, Episode 14: Say his name

Voices: River City, Episode 14: Say his name

April 1, 2018

Kris Hooks joins host Anthony Siino to discuss the police killing of Stephon Clark. Kris recently shared some related thoughts with the Sacramento News & Review in a piece headlined "Reporting while black," which can and should be read here:https://www.newsreview.com/sacramento/reporting-while-black/content?oid=26051331.

If you're interested in joining the protests, stick your head outside and listen for the chants.